Who Was This Man? [Matthew 8]

In Matthew 8, Jesus stopped talking and began acting and His actions spoke volumes about who He was.


Touched a leper and healed Him - showed fearless compassion and ability to heal
Healed Centurion's servant - showed Jesus' authority to cause things to happen at a distance (head of a spiritual hierarchy)
Marveled at the Centurion's faith - showed how Jesus values faith
Touched Peter's Mother-in-law's hand and healed her fever -showed a willingness to be intimate in healing her
That evening they brought many to Him and He cast out demons and healed them - showed a willingness to minister to many
He had no place to lay His head - showed humility
He told the man to let the dead bury the dead - showed that there was a window of time for Him on this earth
He calmed the storm - He had authority over the weather
He cast the demons out of the two uncontrollable men - showed His authority over many demons

Take a minute to pretend that you were there watching these things that Jesus did in Matthew 8. What sort of conclusions would you make about this man, Jesus? Pray that as we read through the gospels in the weeks to come, we will continue to watch Jesus and hear His words and be blessed by His life as never before.
Beth Warlick, 1/8/2009