Joshua 1:5

Dear Warriors,

I find the daily verses in my daily readings after asking God what He would like me to tell you.  Today I had a verse all picked out and I went off to the gym.


I put my wedding rings in my pocket so I wouldn't wreck them with the hand weights I use.  I also put my keys in that pocket and zipped it.  After my workout, I was walking out of the gym and got my keys out and started home.  About five minutes into my journey I reached into my pocket for my rings and only found my wedding ring and not my engagement diamond.  I was sick and turned right around to retrace my journey. 


I couldn't find any trace of the ring and asked at the desk if anyone had turned in a ring.  Meanwhile I had begun praying at once in the car.  If I could have fallen on my knees, I would have.  The man behind the desk asked "when?" and I knew that no one had. 


I retraced my steps again and a nice woman saw me looking and asked if she could help.  As the two of us looked another man asked what we were looking for and said that rings bounce and he would help.  He found it almost immediately.


After hugging and thanking them I got in the car and asked God what He was trying to tell me by that incident.  His precious words were not from my daily reading but as clear as could be.  Joshua 1:5 " I will never leave you nor forsake you."


I know that this is His will for you to hear this very day!!  I pray that you hold on to these words in your pocket or in your pack and never forget His promise.



Megan Moffit, 3/17/2009