I Am the LORD Your God [Leviticus 18]

 26'But as for you, you are to keep My statutes and My judgments and shall not do any of these abominations, neither the native, nor the alien who sojourns among you 27(for the men of the land who have been before you have done all these abominations, and the land has become defiled); 28so that the land will not spew you out, should you defile it, as it has spewed out the nation which has been before you. 29'For whoever does any of these abominations, those persons who do so shall be cut off from among their people. 30'Thus you are to keep My charge, that you do not practice any of the abominable customs which have been practiced before you, so as not to defile yourselves with them; I am the LORD your God.'" 


"I am the LORD your God."  This is the reason God called His people to purity.  This is the reason He brought them out of Egypt.  It is not because He is the LORD, the God.  It is because He said, "your God."  He designed us to be in relationship with Himself.  His call to purity (in this chapter it is sexual purity as well as worship purity)  is because He wants to commune with us.  He wants to be our personal God that walks life with us.  


God, we praise You that You are pure, You are holy.  Thank You that You desire to be our God.  You designed us for intimacy with You.  You designed us to give a correct estimation of You (definition of glory). You gave us Jesus, the author of our great salvation.  He was made like us in all ways, yet He remained pure and holy.  He took upon Himself the sin of the world so that we could live pure like He did.  Cause us today to consider (observe fully) Jesus in every aspect of our life.


Verna McCrillis, 6/24/2010