Just Like Jesus [Acts 6]

...and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit...

Just like Jesus, Stephen was full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was treated much like Jesus was treated with contempt and false accusations. I grew up thinking that if you were like Jesus, life would be easier, however, that is not what the scriptures teach. Stephen is a prime example of how being like Jesus can bring difficulties and threat of harm and even death. Throughout the New Testament, there is encouragement to be willing to suffer for the sake of Jesus. Thankfully, that isn't all there is and that the Bible teaches that even in suffering, Jesus is there to guide and comfort, give us joy and peace in the midst of suffering. I have also learned that when this life is over, there will be unspeakable joy with Jesus. Thankfully, this life is not all there is.

I praise you that Jesus was willing to suffer so that the Holy Spirit is there to guide and comfort us. Cause us to be willing to be filled with Your Spirit and faith even if it means suffering for the sake of Jesus. Grant us the courage and strength we need to live today for you.
Beth Warlick, 4/21/2009