Devotionals from Deuteronomy

40 Years Later [Deuteronomy 1]
He Has Watched Over You [Deuteronomy 2]
The LORD Will Fight for You [Deuteronomy 3]
There Is No Other [Deuteronomy 4]
Your God is a Jealous God [Deuteronomy 5]
Remember Our Powerful God [Deuteronomy 6]
Remember What He Did in Egypt [Deuteronomy 7]
He Gives the Power [Deuteronomy 8]
Not Because of Your Righteousness [Deuteronomy 9]
He Chose You [Deuteronomy 10]
You Have Seen the Lord's Great Work [Deuteronomy 11]
He Chooses the Place for Worship [Deuteronomy 12]
God Is Holy [Deuteronomy 13]
Rules, Rules and More Rules! [Deuteronomy 14]
Overflowing Grace of God [Deuteronomy 15]
God Hates Idolatry [Deuteronomy 16]
Awesome God of the Word [Deuteronomy 17]
God of Action [Deuteronomy 18]
Jesus Replaced the Old [Deuteronomy 19]
The God Who Fights For You [Deuteronomy 20]
God and Sinners [Deuteronomy 21]
Holy God with a Heart of Love [Deuteronomy 23]
God's Tender Care for the Needy [Deuteronomy 24]
The Marriage Vows with His People [Deuteronomy 26]
As You Go, Remember [Deuteronomy 27]
God Is Not An Enabler [Deuteronomy 28]
God Keeps His Promises [Deuteronomy 29]
God of Restoration [Deuteronomy 30]
The Lord Goes Ahead of You [Deuteronomy 31]
Moses' Farewell Song [Deuteronomy 32]
Last Blessings [Deuteronomy 33]     
Moses Gets a Sneak Preview [Deuteronomy 34]
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Verna McCrillis, 11/13/2010