Devotions from Acts

Are You Devoted To Prayer? [Acts 1]
Faith Comes Through Jesus [Acts 3]
We Cannot Stop Speaking About What We Have Seen And Heard [Acts 4]
Still Here After 2000 Years [Acts 5]
Just Like Jesus [Acts 6]
Jesus Stood Up To Receive Stephen [Acts 7]
Divine Appointments [Acts 8]
The Lord's Chosen Instrument [Acts 9]
Jesus Turns Things Upside Down [Acts 10]
God Invested in the Gentile Church at Antioch [Acts 11]
Sovereign God [Acts 12]
God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit [Acts 13]
God Opened A Door of Faith [Acts 14]
Live by Faith Not the Law [Acts 15]
The Unknown God [Acts 17]
People, Place and Events [Acts 18]
No God's At All [Acts 19]
Testify of the Gospel of the Grace of God [Acts 20]
I Am Ready to Die for the Name of the Lord Jesus [Acts 21-22]
Never Alone [Acts 23]
Jesus Is Worth the Cost [Acts 24]
About A Dead Man, Jesus [Acts 25]
From Darkness to Light [Acts 26]
Do Not Be Afraid [Acts 27]
Preaching the Kingdom of God [Acts 28]
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Verna McCrillis, 12/4/2010