Devotionals from Matthew

Live As One Who Has Been Rescued From Sin [Matthew 1]
Worship the Shepherd King [Matthew 2]
God Takes Delight in His Son [Matthew 3]
Jesus Tested [Matthew 4]
You Are The Light Of The World [Matthew 5]
He Knows What You Need [Matthew 6]
Who Is This Man? [Matthew 8]
Hear and Act [Matthew 7]
He Felt Compassion for Them [Matthew 9]
Do Not Be Afraid - Let God Take Care of You [Matthew 10]
Come To Jesus and Find Rest [Matthew 11]
Truth and Love [Matthew 12]
He Is Certainly the Son of God! [Matthew 14]
The Righteous Will Shine Like the Sun [Matthew 13]
Jesus Satisfies [Matthew 15]
Ready for His Return [Matthew 16]
Jesus Said, 'Get up and do not be afraid' [Matthew 17]
Like A Child [Matthew 18]
The Impossible Standard [Matthew 19]
In His Kingdom Things Are Different [Matthew 20]
He Silenced Their Questions with a Question [Matthew 22]
Jesus Speaks the Truth with Love [Matthew 23]
Are You Ready for His Coming? [Matthew 24]
I Was Hungry and You Fed Me [Matthew 25]
A Day to Remember [Matthew 26]
Truly This Was the Son of God! [Matthew 27]
The Women Were the First to Know [Matthew 28]
Matthew 1-16
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Verna McCrillis, 11/30/2010