Devotionals from Revelation

Rejoice! [Revelation 18]
Him Who Is and Who Was and Who Is to Come [Revelation 1]
Jesus the Giver [Revelation 2]
He Knocks At Our Door [Revelation 3]
Like Nothing On Earth [Revelation 4]
Our King Is Worthy [Revelation 5]
Wrath of the Lamb [Revelation 6]
The Blood of the Lamb [Revelation 7]
God's Wrath Released [Revelation 8]
And They Did Not Repent [Revelation 9]
God of Heaven and Earth [Revelation 10]
The Powerful Blood of the Lamb [Revelation 12]
Forever and Ever [Revelation 11]
Lamb's Book of Life [Revelation 13]
Last Chance [Revelation 14]
The Lamb Wins [Revelation 17]
The Lord God Who Judges is Strong [Revelation 18]
God All-Powerful Reigns [Revelation 20]
His Bride Has Made Herself Ready [Revelation 19]
A Place Completely New [Revelation 21]
God's Grace Until and Through Eternity [Revelation 22]
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Verna McCrillis, 12/2/2010