Devotionals from Exodus

Power in Fearing God [Exodus 1]
God Remembered His Promise [Exodus 2]
God's Rescue Plan Revealed [Exodus 3]
God Cared About Them [Exodus 4]
God's Way Is Not Our Way [Exodus 5]
God's Amazing Message to His People [Exodus 6]
Know that I AM the LORD [Exodus 7]
So That They May Serve Me [Exodus 8]
In Order to Show My Power [Exodus 9]
That You May Know Me  [Exodus 10]
Moses Warns Pharaoh [Exodus 11]
The Passover Lamb [Exodus 12]
God Went With Them [Exodus 13]
The Lord Will Fight For You [Exodus 14]
God Is Always There For Us! [Exodus 15]
I am the LORD your God [Exodus 16]
Is the LORD among us, or not? [Exodus 17]
God's Out of Town Expert [Exodus 18]
God Answered in the Thunder [Exodus 19]
I Spoke to You from Heaven [Exodus 20]
God Shows His Heart [Exodus 21]
God's Heart of Compassion [Exodus 22]
God Sets the Boundaries [Exodus 23]
God Revealed and Accepted [Exodus 24]
God Asked for Voluntary Offerings [Exodus 25]
God's Detailed Instructions [Exodus 26]  
God, the Perfect Architect [Exodus 27]
God's Design for Glory and Beauty [Exodus 28]
God Made A Way Where There Was No Way [Exodus 29]
God's Provision For Intimacy [Exodus 30]
God's Spirit Plus Skilled Craftsmen [Exodus 31]
And the LORD Changed His Mind [Exodus 32]
Intimacy in the Tent of Meeting [Exodus 33]
God, Worthy of Worship [Exodus 34]
Spirit of Generosity [Exodus 35]
Restrained from Giving [Exodus 36]
A Shadow Of the True Tab [Exodus 37]
God's Costly Tabernacle [Exodus 38]
Just As the Lord Commanded [Exodus 39]
God's Glory Filled the Tabernacle [Exodus 40]
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Verna McCrillis, 11/22/2010