Devotionals from Leviticus

The Ultimate Sacrifice [Leviticus 1-2, Luke 23]
God Spoke to Moses [Leviticus 1]
Gift of Sacrifice [Leviticus 2]
Christ, Our Peace Offering [Leviticus 3]
Purification Offering [Leviticus 4]
Consideration for the Poor [Leviticus 5]
Provision for the Priests [Leviticus 6]
Christ Our Sacrifice [Leviticus 7]
The LORD Appeared [Leviticus 9]
Treat God as Holy [Leviticus 10]
For I Am the LORD [Leviticus 11]
A Mother's Purification[Leviticus 12]
The God of Details [Leviticus 13]
Christ Our Great High Priest [Leviticus 16]
Life Is In the Blood [Leviticus 17]
I Am the LORD Your God [Leviticus 18]
God Cares for the Poor [Leviticus 19]
Don't Forget [Leviticus 20 and Psalm 78]
Appointed Times for Worship [Leviticus 23]
Old Covenant Blessings [Leviticus 26]
God Provided Order [Leviticus 27]
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Verna McCrillis, 11/22/2010