Devotionals from Mark

Jesus According to Mark 1
Constantly Under Scrutiny [Mark 2]
They Said He Had Lost His Senses [Mark 3]
Jesus Accused of Not Caring [Mark 4]
Tender Mercy for a Man, a Woman and a Child [Mark 5]
Compassion for the Sheep Without a Shepherd [Mark 6]
He Does All Things Well! [Mark 7]
Does He Care About Your Needs? [Mark 8]
I Do Believe - Help My Unbelief! [Mark 9]
He Came to Serve You [Mark 10]
A Day of Human Emotions [Mark 11]
Jesus Showed Us About God [Mark 12]
God Always Warns [Mark 13]
He Graciously Received [Mark 14]
Vast Power Under Control [Mark 15]
Jesus and Faith [Mark 16]
Mark 1-14
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Verna McCrillis, 11/30/2010