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November 2016
Twenty years ago this fall, Beth Warlick and I taught the first Establishing God's Peace course. We had six lessons in mind and about 12 ladies who had signed up for the study. Each week after teaching the lesson we would get together and rewrite the last lesson based on feedback and what actually happened in class. During the rest of the week we spent hours praying and preparing the lesson for the next week. I still have fond memories of that group of ladies and their desire to integrate their faith into every part of their lives.

When we finished the six lessons the ladies begged us to write more lessons so they could keep going deeper. As the Spirit ministered to Beth and my hearts, we shared what God was teaching us. Charts and word pictures emerged as we sought to communicate in practical ways. These tools helped us discover how to get to the heart of what our actions were showing that we believed about God. The movement of God within the women in our class was so profound that we sensed we had stumbled on something that the body of Christ desperately needed. Beth and I had both been teaching women’s Bible studies for the previous 20 years and we had never before seen such growth happen in our classes at such a rapid rate.

It was a beginning of a journey of encouraging others, and being encouraged by them, to drill down into knowing God intimately – by discovering Him in Scripture, and recording our discoveries in our EGP prayer notebooks. Sharing those things with an encouraging community and praising God together using His own words, brought new depths of understanding and trust. In our weekly classes we covered different topics that could be barriers to knowing God, looking to see what God’s Word had to say.

The following year we had six other classes piloting what we had put together and giving us feed back. Maybe you were part of one of those original classes? Or maybe down the road, you benefited from the feedback others gave. Many of you have shared that these studies and the Establishing God’s Peace prayer journal have had a powerful effect on your own journey of faith.  I am eternally grateful to the Lord for the impact on my life, and on yours as well.  It is all God, all Jesus, all His Word, all the Spirit.  To God be the glory.

Recently, God has really pressed on my mind that the Living Out the Gospel, grace for each moment study, centered around the prayer journal, is a treasure to be shared with more of His children. The material has now been pored over by thousands of people and edited by many so I sense it is time to present it for publication.  This shorter course was adapted from the Establishing God’s Peace first two semesters specifically for small group settings with both men, women and can also be used with teenagers. Living Out the Gospel, along with the prayer journal now entitled Gospel Journey, will be first to be presented for consideration.

If you’re curious about this new course and would want to look through it to edit or give suggestions, I would be happy to send you a PDF.  If anyone is interested in helping with the manuscript proposal wording, I would love your input. If God puts it on your heart to help fund this project, it will be gratefully accepted.  Contributions can still be made on this website:

Thank you for your faithfulness to this ministry over the years. It has been a privilege to serve you by keeping the EGP materials available.  May God grant an avenue to make it more visible and available to others.

In His grace,
Verna McCrillis