Example of the Grace Exchange 

When we recognize our patterns of wrong thinking, motives, etc.  there is a section in the EGP Prayer Journal called the Grace Exchange where we can come to God  to renew our mind with His truth.  Below is an example of what it might look like and how it could be used in prayer.

Grace exchang cropped
An example of how I might pray using the truths the Spirit has ministered to my heart:
Father, I feel far from You, separated from Your love when I see my sin.  Thank You, that Jesus died for my sin, even while I really was far from you and helpless, and that I was brought near to You.   Thank You, that now nothing can separate me from your love that You pour out on me in Christ Jesus.  Cause me to remember that He paid for my wrong choices and they have been removed far from me.
Lord, You know that my first instinct when someone says something against me is to believe that they are right, that I am unlovable.  But You proved that You were for me by having Christ die instead of me.  What great love. Cause me to believe that You are for me.  I don’t have to earn Your favor.  Your Holy Spirit pours out Your love in my heart.  Your hope does not disappoint.
I am sorry that I keep mistrusting that You want good for me.  You gave me the best gift You could offer me in Your Son.  Thank You that You want good for me.  You want the goodness of Your Son to flow out of my life.  Thank You, Jesus, for making it possible for Your goodness to extend to me.

Click here to download a blank Grace Exchange for your own use.
Verna McCrillis, 3/19/2014