Video for Lesson One-- What is Peace?

You can watch Lesson One free to get a feel for the course and what the DVDs offer.  If you decide you would like the whole 12 lessons in Semester One, you can visit the EGP store.

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Lesson 1-1 (download) (Lesson 1-1)
Lesson 1-2 (download) (Lesson 1-2)
Lesson 1-3 (download) (Lesson 1-3)
Lesson 1-4 (download) (Lesson 1-4)
Lesson 1-5 (download) (Lesson 1-5)
Lesson 1-6 (download) (Lesson 1-6)
Lesson 1-7 (download) (Lesson 1-7)
Lesson 1-8 (download) (Lesson 1-8)
Lesson 1-9 (download) (Lesson 1-9)

Erin Turkington, 3/7/2011